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APA California 2010 Annual Conference

Loeb & Loeb is proud to sponsor the American Planning Association (APA) California 2010 Annual Conference: Coast Canyon Crest, Elevating Sustainability. 

From the conference website:

The California Chapter presents a statewide conference annually that provides networking and educational opportunities for its members. These popular conferences attract planning professionals from throughout California, the United States, and around the world.

The conference sessions are established along three distinct tracks.

  1. Coast - Preserving Resources; Sustainable Built Environment Coast sessions showcase topics that address
    conflicts and competing policy priorities; subject matter with constituencies on both sides of the issues. Topic areas
    include the built environment and a wide variety of sustainability issues.
  2. Canyon - Transportation; Economics of Land Use Sessions address topics that physically represent linkages
    between places; canyons also figuratively represent struggles and changes in the planning landscape as embodied in the
    economic realities we must consider.
  3. Crest - Planning Law & Policy; Community Engagement;
    Professional Development
    Sessions showcase topics that advance our profession, including the need
    to address issues on a regional and state basis to solve issues every
    jurisdiction is currently facing.