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Digital Music Forum: East

Loeb and Loeb LLP is proud to be a sponsor of the Digital Music Forum: East.

From the conference site:

A New Golden Age for Music?

Making Money from Digital Media and Music
The Bad News: Traditional business models are dying, and, while digital sales are increasing, they are not offsetting declines in CD sales.
But Wait, There's Good News Too: Overall music consumption is at a historic high and digital media is creating huge opportunities for savvy artists, labels and publishers to inexpensively create, promote, and sell music with digital tools and through a plethora of digital and mobile channels. As the industry fully embraces new digital business models, opportunities will increase. Without a doubt, the glass is half full.

The Opportunities Are Here!

Now Seize the Day - Attend Digital Music Forum!
As you decide whether to join us at the 10th Annual Digital Music Forum in New York City on February 24-25, consider this: We are only event in the United States that brings together the top music, technology and policy leaders for high-level discussions and debate, intimate meetings and unrivaled networking about the future of digital music. Digital Music Forum is known worldwide for the news that is made in our auditorium, the deals that get done in our hallways, and the friendships and partnerships that are forged year after year. Why wait by the sidelines, when you can join the event that is helping to drive the industry's future!