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National Sports Marketing Network Conference: The Evolution and Role of ROI and Sports

Loeb & Loeb LLP is proud to be a sponsor of the National Sports Marketing Network's New York chapter event.

From the NSMN site:

Join us as the sports marketing industry gathers to discuss the importance of sports sponsorship as part of a company’s overall global marketing plan.

Industry leaders will address the methodology currently used to analyze the success of a sponsorship program – and how the ever-changing corporate landscape demands better measurement and metrics.  Case studies will be included as part of this discussion.

Discussion topics include:

  • Why does the sports industry not have a standard for ROI measurement?
  • When measuring success, what are the client’s expectations and what is the role of the property to help meet their goals?
  • How do industry leaders define “effectiveness” of a sponsorship or naming rights program?
  • How does a brand measure and value ROI after activating a sponsorship locally (in-stadium or event) vs. a national marketing program. Are the two measured independently and how?
  • How has the importance of ROI increased with the decline of the economy? What has changed and what have we learned?
  • What are the specific metrics from an evaluation of ROI that will appeal directly to the C-level executive at a corporation? What data is most valued within a company?
  • We will discuss the various approaches and methodology that leading agencies use when hired by a brand to help evaluate the ROI of a sponsorship program.
  • How is marketing via social networks being measured? Is there an industry standard yet?
  • Currently, how is the value of sports hospitality measured in our industry?
  • How is the research and measurement analysis used by a company at the conclusion of a sponsorship program?
  • What can sponsors do better when evaluating their sponsorship?
  • We will discuss the importance of evaluating all marketing programs, not just sports sponsorship, when analyzing the “marketing mix.”