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Winds of Change: Solutions to Causes of Dissatisfaction with Arbitration

Loeb & Loeb LLP is pleased to announce that Robert Holtzman is speaking at the upcoming DePaul University program.

From the DePaul University College of Law site.

Historically, arbitration has been an accepted method for resolving commercial disputes for many major industries including construction, insurance, energy and franchising, as well as for settling contractually based relationships in the United States and abroad. Typically, these industries have preferred arbitration over adjudication, as arbitration often was faster and more cost-effective, and arbitrators had experience with the disputed issues and understood industry customs and usages.

The popularity of arbitration attracted the interest of lawyers traditionally trained to use the court system to resolve disputes. Unfortunately, the application of court-based training has significantly altered the arbitration process, increased case costs and has interfered with efficient case
disposition. Because of these and other issues, many industries no longer require arbitration as the default method of dispute resolution.

Rigorous seminars are needed that will influence changes in the conduct of arbitrations. As the first of a series, this symposium will focus on the following four areas:

  • The Economics of Arbitration;
  • Design of the Arbitration Process;
  • Ethics for the Arbitrator; and
  • The Quality of the Arbitration Process.

Symposium faculty include outstanding academics, arbitrators and attorneys
who are leaders within the arbitration community. Each panel will not only
identify problems, but also will suggest necessary reform.

Agenda Highlight

  • On Friday, March 6 at 9AM - Panel 3: Ethics for the Arbitrator, featuring Robert Holtzman of Loeb & Loeb LLP.