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We're All Connected

“We’re all connected” is a value we take to heart at Loeb. We prioritize our “connectedness” and ensure we value, support and get to really know each and every member of our community. In this video, people from different focus areas and functions at Loeb, share what “we’re all connected” means to them personally.

Alyse Pelavin, Managing Partner, Los Angeles Office, “If you look at what our clients need to achieve and make us successful as a firm? Each of those points connect at the same place. If we do better, then they do better.” 

“We all support each other. I’ve benefitted from the wisdom and support of my co-workers. They’re rooting for my success just as I am for theirs,” Meredith Madnick, Senior Manager, Pro Bono.

"That idea of being in it together. Feeling like there’s room and there’s space. We’re all connected—at the end of the day— whether it’s a business outcome or the world we live in. We find a way to come together and have that sense of unity and community that makes a great impact,” Christa Crane, Chief Client Development & Marketing Officer.

Paul Giangola, Chief Legal Talent Officer, “Every person who works here matters. From a senior partner to a clerk, everyone plays a vital part in the work we do, finished product and culture.”

“We enjoy each other’s company and we like and respect each other and value each other’s opinions and expertise,” Paul Severin, Vice Chair.

Rodney Lee, Partner, “We all have a common goal of serving our clients in the best manner we know how.”

“We celebrate our community, connections, differences and cultures,” Jennifer Davda, Chief Diversity Officer.

Nichole Cortese, Chair, Commercial Real Estate Leasing, “We have an inter-disciplinary approach in client service where attorneys collaborate across practices.”

“We try to know our colleagues in a more meaningful way. It’s part of the glue that keeps us together,” Scott Schneider.