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How Mattel Harnesses the Brand Narrative to Create a Barbie World

Unless you’ve been living in a fantasy world, you have probably heard that the Barbie movie is being released this week. There has been chatter across the internet and on social media – ranging from conversations about Mattel’s many Barbie-centric collaborations to whether the film will feature Aqua’s original “Barbie Girl” song. It appears that fans and consumers not only want to know where they can get Barbie brand roller skates but they are also interested in what the Aqua lawsuit means for the film’s soundtrack.

The fascination with all things Brand Barbie is understandable, and in fact, consumer perception is key to trademark law. In any event, the history of Mattel’s fierce protection of the intellectual property in its world of Barbie collaborations, including working with former adversaries, provides for an interesting discussion. Several users on TikTok have observed that “the Barbie marketing team doesn’t sleep” and that “the devil works hard, but Mattel’s marketing team is working overtime” … but what about its legal team?
In this The Fashion Law article, Advanced Media & Technology associate Emily Borich discusses American multinational toy manufacturing and entertainment company Mattel’s efforts to strike a balance between protecting its famous Barbie brand, while embracing collaboration by way of authorized licensing. 

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